Beautiful hair by nature

The first line for hair care from PuroBIO

After Cosmetics and FOR SKIN, we have decided to close the circle by creating a new line of Certified Organic products for hair care: pureBIO FOR HAIR.


We have characterized the FOR HAIR line by going beyond the classic division between fat and dry. We have thought about the needs of the hair: cleanliness, volume, shine, softness, with the aim of respecting as much as possible the natural beauty of the hair.

The FOR HAIR line includes products ranging from daily washing to more specific treatments for hair nourishment and care

the difference is in the formula

All PuroBIO FOR HAIR products are based on:

  • Delicate formulas rich in natural ingredients.
  • Concentrated formulas, designed to use less
  • Formulas to be used diluted, to foster an action better washing.

the shampoo

There are three pure BIO FOR HAIR Shampoos, which we have classified according to the needs of the hair.

Delicate shampoo perfect for frequent washing on thin and dull hair. Suitable for normal to dry hair

Vitality Shampoo excellent as a sebum regulator and purifying scalp. Suitable for normal to oily hair, ideal for frequent washing.

No Stress Shampoo created for treated and damaged hair repairs the hair structure to which it restores shine, elasticity and softness.

The conditioner of the FOR HAIR line has a dual function, nourishing the hair and making it easy to comb.


There are three Hair Masks, like the pure BIO Shampoos: the Delicate Mask, the No Stress Mask and the 5 Vitamin Mask.

They are applicable on all hair types, you can choose your mask based on the result you want to achieve.

The Concentrated Mask should be used when we want to give an energy boost to frizzy, dry or damaged hair.

We recommend the No Stress Mask to those who have stressed hair from treatments and dyes, to plump and regenerate.

The 5 Vitamin Mask is excellent for restoring brightness to the hair.

You can choose your mask based on the desired result


It is a product DESIGNED for the styling of all types of hair, to discipline and nourish the hair before styling.